Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When and Where to use CCTV?

The first question in video surveillance is determining your purpose. Are you strictly trying to deter violence and obtain evidence for apprehending criminals or are you concerned with employee activity on the job? Talk to area businesses and see if they have had any problems with theft or vandalism, and if they had, you probably want to focus on deterring criminals. If your employee productivity has dropped significantly and consistently without cause or if you are concerned about violence or harassment between employees, you should consider using video surveillance in your workplace. If you are concerned about crime, you should focus your video surveillance on entrances, exits, and parking lots, as well as the most likely spots for crime. On the other hand, if you are concerned about your employees, use video surveillance in the workplace and specific production areas. The larger your workplace, the more cameras you will want to use, and make the best use of your cameras by placing them in prime locations. You should also consider whether to keep your cameras hidden or visible. Visible cameras serve as a deterrent while hidden cameras (though they have some constitutional restrictions) are more likely to catch someone “in the act.” Businesses from warehouses to banks to dot com startups use video surveillance, but you have to determine your company’s needs and risks before you can make a wise decision on what kind of video surveillance is right for your company.

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