Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Intrusion Alarm Basics

It all started way back before any of us were born, in 1858. One man, by the name of Edwin Holmes invented and installed the world’s first burglar alarm. This invention occurred in a tiny factory within Boston, Massachusetts. This burglar alarm was a very simple machine; a spring was released upon the opening of a window or door, which would then close an electrical circuit.
As the years progressed, burglar alarms progressed right along with them. Today, there are many different types of burglar alarms that not only signify an intrusion, but they can also alert the proper authorities of a fire, natural disaster, or even if someone has fallen or become ill. It all depends on the type of burglar alarm you have installed into your home.
So, what types of burglar alarms are there?
Well, there are do it yourself burglar alarm installation kits or you can have the alarm installed by a professional alarm company such as ADT or other like company. There are burglar alarms that fit on your walls and doors to alert any nearby neighbors or center of an intrusion or silent alarms that only alert the proper center or authorities of a situation. Some burglar alarms come with infra-red sensors, which activates an alarm when the sensor is crossed. You can even get motion detectors or sound detectors, of course each of these will require some consideration if you have pets.
With pets, they can inadvertently set off the alarm through their regular movement. However, some burglar alarms can be set to be tolerant of your pets movements. Again, it simply depends upon the type of burglar alarm you install within your home. It is advisable to talk with the alarm dealer or manufacturer about all the options when it comes to your burglar alarm.
What should I look for when buying a burglar alarm?
The first thing you should look for, is a creditable and reputable company to buy the burglar alarm from. This is important because you want a company you can trust, check all the representatives, their identification, and the addresses of the company.
If the company is require to intermittently check the equipment, verify who will perform the inspections and their credentials as well.
Furthermore, if you are required by your insurance company to have a burglar alarm, find out whom the insurance company recommends and whom they accept as viable alarm companies. Most insurers will only accept an installed that has been NACOSS approved.
You should also make sure that your local police department accepts the burglar alarm. The company should provide you with documentation of the rules governed by the police in your area.
Before making a decision, you should ask for and receive quotes from no less than three alarm companies, to compare benefits, features, and costs.
You will also want to determine if the company requires any maintenance on your part, or any additional fees that may be required.
Your best bet is to make sure you do all of your homework and choose a company that will work well to suit your needs.

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