Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next Generation of CCTV-Hearing is Believing

Research being undertaken at the University of Ports mouth aims at making smarter CCTV cameras that can respond to noise. According to the sourse, the cameras will use artificial intelligence software to "learn" the "sounds of breaking glass, someone shouting, or the noise of a crowd gathering".These researchers claim that their technology "could revolutionize the speed with which crimes are caught on camera and responded to by police". This project builds upon research into software being developed at the university's Institute of Industrial Research. This software currently identifies visual cues that could raise an alert over unusual activities. The researchers are now working on adding sound cues to the software identification pattern and the director of the institute, Dr. Brown said:

"In identifying sound we are looking for the shapes of sound. In the same way, if you close your eyes, you can trace the shape of a physical object and 'read' its profile with your hand we are developing shapes of sound so the software recognises them."

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