Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Green building' concept catching on"

A green building typically applies practices like harvesting energy and water and using environment-friendly materials in its design, construction, operation and maintenance so as to maintain and sustain the environment.

The 'green building' concept is gradually gaining momentum in India. Already, there are five green buildings certified as per the rating system of LEED (Leadership in energy and environmental design), developed by the US Green Building Council. Around 25 other buildings in the country are now registered for such certification.
Prominent among them is an IT park, Technopolis in Kolkata, that is likely to be certified by LEED shortly. Also on the list are Hyderabad International Airport and Microsoft India Development Centre's third building on its Hyderabad campus that are being built as per the green building

The benefits of green buildings range from energy and water savings, to increased worker productivity, to overall environmental sustainability and conscientious use of local resources. Over a building’s lifetime, these benefits outweigh slightly higher average initial costs. Green buildings are gaining increased recognition, and a number of resources are now available for navigating permitting and construction procedures for green building.

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